How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S8/S8+ Without Root or Third Party App


Samsung has probably produced the best phones for 2017 in shape of Galaxy S8/S8+. That Bezel-less design and the Infinity  Display is really hard to beat. Apart from beautiful looks, Galaxy S8/S8+ has beastly hardware installed which has enough firepower to launch and run any app or game in a blink of an eye. Anyhow, once you start using this beautiful production of Samsung it’s hard to switch to any other device.

But, say you have a carrier locked Galaxy S8/S8+ and you have to travel to another country where you will have to use another network’s SIM card. What will you do? Will, you take your old phone with you or would like to take Galaxy S8/S8+ take with you so you could take some awesome pictures with 12 MP monster camera. To your rescue, in this tutorial, we will tell you how to SIM unlock Galaxy S8/S8+ without Root or Third Party App.

To get the unlock code by our method, it’s necessary that you’re  on good terms with your carrier. Means all your bills are paid off (no past due bills and older than 60-90 days) and your Galaxy S8/S8+ is paid off. Without any further ado, let’s see how to SIM unlock Galaxy S8/S8+ without Root or third Party App.

How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S8/S8+

How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S8/S8+ Without Root or Third Party App

  1. First, you need to get IMEI number for your device. To do so, open the dialer and dial *#06#. Your device’s IMEI number will display on the screen of mobile. Write down that IMEI Number somewhere.
  2. Now make a call to your carrier’s customer service number. As soon as you are attended by a customer service representative, demand Unlock code for your device.
  3. As part of the process, the representative will ask for IMEI number of your device. Once you provide the IMEI number to the representative, he will confirm that the Unlock Code is generated for your device and should be delivered to you in 5 working days. (So, make sure you SIM unlock your Galaxy S8/S8+ in time)
  4. Now, once, that unlock code arrives at your address remove your current SIM card and replace it with SIM of any other carrier.
  5. Upon inserting SIM card of another carrier the prompt will come up which will ask you to enter the Unlock Code which you received from your carrier. Type in the code and that’s it, your Galaxy S8/S8+ is unlocked now.

This is how to SIM unlock Galaxy S8/S8+ without root or a third-party app.


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