Download XXU1AQDG Update for S8/S8+ A permanent fix for Red Tint Issue!


Last month we reported that both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ units suffered from a red tint issue. After confirming from multiple sources we found out that this issue is totally random and it’s not related to any specific S8/S8+ model. Android Tutorial had written a detailed article on how to fix red tint issue and it solved the problem for most of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners but Samsung took a step further today and launched a firmware update that optimizes the display’s color tone.

Permanently fix Galaxy s8 and S8+ red tint issue

The new firmware version is XXU1AQDG and it weighs around 426MB. After applying this update, the Red Tint is completely resolved and now the color balance is a lot better. Turkey, United Kingdom and India owners have already received this update. The update is currently on the roll as an OTA update but if you can’t wait any further then you can install this S8 and S8+ Red Tint update manually by using Odin 3.12.5.

How to Permanently fix for Red Tint Issue on Galaxy S8/S8+

Download XXU1AQDG Red Tint Fix Update for Galaxy S8

Download XXU1AQDG Red Tint Fix Update for Galaxy S8+

Please note, we have only included the links for G950F and G955F. The XXU1AQDG update is now available for other S8 and S8+ variants. You can download it from Samfirmware as well.


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