How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome Browser On PC and MAC


The dark mode is getting popular day by day. Many mobile apps have already adopted Dark mode. Further, the tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and Google are slowly making peace with the stardom of Dark mode or some call it Night mode. In this Android tutorial, we are going to tell you how to enable Dark Mode on Chrome Browser on PC.

enable Dark Mode on Chrome

If you want to enable Chrome Dark Mode on your PC then this guide is for you. There are two methods that allow you to Force Dark Mode for Web Contents on Chrome Browser. We are going to pen-down both methods so you have the choice to opt for either of them. One method uses chrome flags and other uses a chrome extension in order to enable dark mode. Both the methods work fine, so it’s entirely up to you which method you choose.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome Browser on PC and MAC

1:- Launch Chrome Browser on your PC or MAC.

2:- Type [chrome://flags] in the address bar and press Enter.

enable Dark Mode on Chrome

3:- Long list of flags will open. Now type [Dark] in the search bar at the top.

4:- From the results, find ‘force dark mode for web content’.

enable Dark Mode on Chrome

5:- Click on [Default] to open the drop-down list. Select Enable and Relaunch your Chrome browser.

enable Dark Mode on Chrome

That’s it! Dark Mode is enabled in your Chrome. Open different websites to see the mode in action. Kindly see the below screenshots which show Dark mode in action.

Enable Using a Chrome Extension

This Chrome Extension serves the same purpose as the dark mode flag. It converts your web content into dark mode. So, if you like to do browsing in the dark this Chrome night mode can entirely change your browsing experience. You must be thinking, if you can enable it via a chrome flag then why need an extension?

The difference between enabling dark mode via flag and extension is that the extension allows you to turn on dark mode for specific web pages. You can choose to turn it off or turn it on for selected web pages. Whereas, the flag will give you a blanket effect meaning when enabled it will turn every web page in dark.

Add Dark Reader Chrome extension from here.


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