How to Fix “adb not recognized” Error In Windows


Let’s get you through a quick and working tutorial to fix adb not recognized error in Windows 10. If you are an Android power user then you must know quite a bit about ADB or Android Debug Bridge. Anyhow, let me quickly give you an idea about this thing called ADB. Android Debug Bridge or in short ADB is a command-line tool, part of the Android SDK and Platform Tools. As the name suggests, this tool works as a communication bridge between your Android device and PC. ADB commands are used to perform numerous tasks on the Android device. The major ones include unlocking the bootloader, rooting, installing a custom recovery, booting your device into fastboot mode or recovery mode, installing APKs, etc. To perform all the aforementioned tasks, you need to execute ADB commands. And adb not recognized error is the most common error faced by the users.

Why ADB is not recognized Error Occurs?

Before we go on and fix this error, first let’s know why this error occurs in the first place. This error is caused when the Command prompt or PowerShell is not able to identify the ADB command. This is because of the missing environmental (system) variable related to the Android SDK. The following are the steps that are to be followed in order to fix this issue.

Note: We are assuming that you have already setup ADB with the latest version, and also enabled the Developer Options and USB Debugging on Android.

How to Fix adb not recognized Error In Windows

1:- Open Windows Start Menu and search for Advanced System Settings.

Fix adb not recognized Error

2:- Now, click on the Environment Variables button.

Fix adb not recognized Error

3:- In Environment Variables Window there are two portions; User Variables and System Variables.

4:- In System Variables portion, double click on the Path keyword.

Fix adb not recognized Error

5:- The Edit environment variable window will now open. Click on the Browse option.

6:- Now, go to the location where you have installed ADB and Fastboot binaries. There, select the platform-tools folder and click OK.

7:- The selected variable will now be successfully added to the environment variables. Click on OK to close the dialog box.

That’s it! You have successfully fixed adb not recognized error in Windows.


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