How to Modify/Change SIM Pin Code on Galaxy S9 or S9+


The Galaxy S9/S9+ were released by Samsung back in February 2018. Despite the fact, that it was not a big update over Galaxy S8/S8+, still many consumers switched to Galaxy S9/S9+ because of its great camera and faster processor. Other than these two features Galaxy S9/S9+ carry almost same specs of Galaxy S8/S8+. If you have already got your Galaxy S9/S9+ with a contract than you must be aware of SIM Pin Code on Galaxy S9 or S9+. In this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you How to Change SIM Pin Code on Galaxy S9/S9+.

When you get the new SIM, it comes with SIM Pin Code, and after every reboot, you have to enter the SIM Pin Code to access your phone. Now that seems easy, but default pin codes which are allotted to are very hard to remember. Therefore, every time you need pin code you have to access SIM portal to get it. This is very inconvenient as we might have to reboot our device several times. However, we have a simple solution to your problem, we will tell you how to change SIM Pin Code On Galaxy S9/S9+.

Change SIM Pin Code on Galaxy S9

You can also remove the SIM Pin Code entirely, but we would never recommend that. This code is especially for your phone’s safety and your personal data of course which is on the phone. The only reason behind changing Sim Pin Code is that you can set it to something which is easy for you to remember, so, whenever you need the code you don’t have to access the SIM portal.

Without, any further ado, let’s jump straight to the guide on how to change SIM Pin Code On Galaxy S9/S9+.

How to Change SIM Pin Code on Galaxy S9/S9+

  • Open Settings on your Galaxy S9/S9+.
  • Go to Device Security.
  • Look for Other Security Settings.
  • Tap on SIM Lock Setup.
  • Finally, select Change Pin of the Sim Card.
  • First, enter the existing sim pin code. Once done, enter the new Sim code pin on S9/S9+.

As I mentioned earlier, you can remove the SIM Pin Code but it’s not recommended. Set the code which is easy to remember.