Download GCam 7.0 APK With Astrophotography for all Xiaomi Phones


    You can download GCam 7.0 APK for Xiaomi devices from this post. This modded version of the GCam App comes with the ever famous Astrophotography and Night Sight features of the Google Camera app. Apart from other brilliant features of Google Camera app, Astrophotography and night sight are the ones that stand out. The astrophotography feature actually takes Night sight to a whole new level. As the name suggests, with astrophotography feature enabled you would be able to capture as many stars as possible in your shot. So more stars in your night photos. This feature is only available for Pixel devices having the Google Camera app. However, thanks to the ever-vigilant developers’ community of Android, GCam 7.0 is successfully ported to nearly all Xiaomi devices. A complete list is mentioned below.

    download GCam 7.0 APK

    Download Google Pixel 4 Camera App for All Xiaomi (Redmi/Mi) Devices

    Recently, Google released GCam 7.0 for all its Pixel devices running Android 9.0, including Google Pixel 4. Here’s the port of GCam 7.0 APK for all the Xiaomi devices. The majority of the Xiaomi devices are running on Snapdragon chips, so this GCam 7.0 mod is supposed to work on all of them. To install this mod, your Xiaomi phone must be at least running on MIUI 10. Xiaomi is slowly updating its devices to Android 10, once these devices are updated to Android 10 you can then install Gcam 7.2 on them as well.

    For the older devices, you may need to settle with Google Camera 5.1 APK. Or enable the camera2api manually using the root method (Magisk module).

    download GCam 7.0 APK

    Google Camera 7.0 mod (Gcam 7.0 APK) can be installed on the following Xiaomi phones:

    • Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime.
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (X).
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 India.
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.
    • (Xiaomi) Redmi Note 7 / 7S.
    • (Xiaomi) Redmi Note 7 Pro.
    • Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite.
    • Xiaomi Mi 9 (Only on MIUI 10)
    • Xiaomi Mi 9T
    • Xiaomi Mi A1/A2/A3
    • Mi 5X
    • Mi 6X
    • Mi5
    • Mi5S
    • Mi5S Plus
    • Mi 6
    • Mi 8 / Pro / EE
    • Mi 8 SE
    • Pocophone F1
    • Mi 9
    • Mi9 SE
    • K20 / Mi9T
    • K20 Pro / Mi9T Pro
    • Redmi 4X
    • Redmi 4 Prime
    • Redmi 4A
    • Redmi 5
    • Redmi 5A
    • Redmi 5 Plus
    • Redmi 7
    • Redmi Note 4
    • Redmi Note 6 / Pro
    • Redmi Note 7
    • Xiaomi CC9/CC9e

    Below are the download links of GCam mod 7.0 APK developed by the different developers of the community. All of these APKs can be installed on almost any Xiaomi device running on Snapdragon chipset.

    Download GCam 7.0 APK for all Xiaomi devices (Mod):

    Download any Gcam 7.0 APK from the above download links and install it as you would install any other APK file. Here’s a detailed guide on how to install APK files on Android phones.

    After installing Gcam 7.0 on your Xiaomi device, open the app and go to the settings to make the following changes to get the optimal output.

    Thanks to u/CleverD3vil for the best settings.

    Best settings for GCam 7.0 on Xiaomi devices:

    1. Basic Settings (Turn On and Off the following settings) –
      • Show Dirty lens warning – Turn On
      • Save selfie as previewed – Turn On if you want the selfie to be as it is shown on screen.
      • HDR+ control – Turn On
      • Hide Icon Movement – Turn Off
      • Use Mode McFly – Turn Off
      • Focus Tracking – Turn Off
      • Enable Google Photos – Turn On
      • Maximum Brightness – Turn On if you want Maximum screen brightness when you are taking a pic.
      • Raw+JPEG – Turn On if you want Raw (Raw is good for lightroom editing)
      • Store Videos Efficiently – Turn On
      • Quick settings – Turn Off
    2. HDR+ Settings –
      • Compress JPG – Set to 100%
      • Quality HDR+ – I set it to 32 (If your device takes too long to take a pic then reduce this a bit)
      • Binary files library – default
      • Pixel AWB Mod – Pixel 4 XL
      • Correction auto exposure – Auto
      • Exposure compensation – set to -0.2 (The photos may be a bit darker if you use these settings but you could always increase the exposure after you take the pic, this is because it is always easier to Increase exposure, Decreasing exposure in an overexposed pic will result in a bad image)
      • Basic settings – Don’t change
      • Saturation – Back camera (Set Highlight Saturation to 1.1, Set Shadow Saturation to 1.9), Leave Front camera on default
      • Use DCI-P3 color space – Turn On
    3. Portrait –
      • Advance HDR+ portrait mode – Turn On
      • Disable Zoom – Turn On
      • Save to DCIM/Camera – Turn On if you don’t want separate folders for Portraits
    4. Under Experimental settings disable UHD 4K in “Acceleration” mode.
    5. For Video settings to 1080p. For 4k setting set Bitrate to Auto. But 4K uses too much space
    6. Make sure that HDR+ is enabled in the Mini settings and enable Raw if you want it (Raw takes two images, one JPEG and one .DNG which is RAW)
    7. See how to enable Google Camera 7.0 Astrophotography feature


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