Samsung Galaxy S10 Specs, Features, Release Date


Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are yet to be released in the global market and here we are with speculated Galaxy S10 Specs. Yes, you heard it right! You can get a glimpse of Galaxy S10 Specs in this article. Galaxy S9 didn’t have drastic changes to offer over Galaxy S8, the main differences were a better camera and faster processor in Galaxy S9. Other than that, there were no groundbreaking innovations to offer in Galaxy S9. However, this might not be the case with Galaxy S10 we might see some considerable changes over Galaxy S9. The rumors have it that Samsung might its upcoming offering in Galaxy Series as Samsung Galaxy X. Anyhow, it’s too early to speculate that whether Samsung will name its upcoming flagship as Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X.

Of course, these specs are based on rumors and much will change over time. But, as we have seen in past, most of the rumors turn out to be true eventually. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s take a peek at Galaxy S10 Specs or you can say Galaxy X Specs.

Galaxy S10 Specs and Features

Galaxy S10 Specs

Galaxy S10 Display and Screen Size

Nobody does it better than Samsung when it comes to displays. The Korean giant is responsible for AMOLED displays and we are seeing AMOLED as part of Samsung devices from the first device in Galaxy Series till the latest Galaxy S9. However, according to a popular leakster, the Galaxy S10 will feature a next-generation OLED screen and a screen-to-body ratio that will be higher than 93 percent. The leakster didn’t dive into the specifics, in fact, he didn’t comment on the display size. One thing is for sure, Samsung is going to try to provide the true bezel-less experience.

Galaxy S10 Specs

Galaxy S10 Chipset and Processor

We will definitely see Snapdragon 855, fabricated on the advanced 7nm process, as part of Galaxy S10. The successor of the Exynos 9810 is reportedly named Exynos 9820, and it will power the global variants of Galaxy S10. Moreover, Samsung also announced that it is prepping chips for mining purposes.

Galaxy S10 Specs

Galaxy S10 RAM and Memory

The Galaxy S10/Galaxy X could become the first smartphone to feature LPDDR5 memory. The LPDDR5 memory leads to a better battery life and increased performance. We could see 6GB and 8GB RAM variants of Galaxy S10. As far as memory is concerned, we might see read and write speeds twice as fast as UFS2.1 as Samsung is most likely to replace USF2.1 with UFS3.0. If this happens, we will witness blazing fast read and write speeds.

The most interesting thing about Samsung Galaxy S10 is that it might be a 5G enabled smartphone. It’s too early to take anything as final but as we get closer to the release date we will witness more and more leaked information.


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